Favorite Free Weight Exercises for Women’s Arms

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When thinking about my favorite free weight¬†exercises for women’s arms, I have to work hard to keep the list small! The exercises have to work the shoulders, biceps and triceps so that the arms look well-rounded, toned and sexy!

I don’t subscribe to theory that lifting light weights is the way to go. I think that you have to continually increase the¬†weight sizes so that you are constantly building muscle and gaining strength. All of these free weight exercises for women are going to add muscle tone and WILL NOT bulk you up. There is no worry about that unless you are spending hours in the gym and taking lots of supplements, promise. You may notice that you get a bit bigger before you get smaller but most of the time that means you are building muscle under the fat and those muscles (along with a calorie deficit) will help to burn the fat.

  • Arnold Press
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Bicep Curls
  • Alternating Front & Side Raises

I hope you enjoy my favorite free weight exercises for women’s arms and if you think I’ve missed some, leave them in the comments! Find all of these exercises, as well as our !



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