Top Pick for Fitness Gifts: iPod Shuffle

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The holidays are here and you might be wondering what fitness gift to get your favorite fitness enthusiast. Workout clothes are too personal, you don’t know how to wrap a new set of dumbbells and you don’t want to spend a fortune. What are your other options? Well, my fitness gift top pick this month is the iPod Shuffle. I just got one for my birthday and I LOVE it! For years, I’ve been using the clunky, old version iPods and even my iPhone while working out, but this shuffle is so light, convenient and awesome that I can’t believe I’ve been without it for so long! Plus, now that I have one iPod dedicated to working out – I never get to the gym and find that I’m without music!

Top Pick for Fitness Gifts:

iPod Shuffle at Amazon

Price is $49.99 and you can pick a color that matches their personality!


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