Inner Thigh Exercises for Women

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If you struggle with jeans that won’t go up past the knee, saddle bags or have thunder thighs as a nickname, then you need my top 3 favorite inner thigh exercises…

Thighs are always a trouble zone for women (including myself) and I’m often asked what my favorite inner thigh exercises are. I have 3 that I really like and always see results with:
Side Lunges – you will feel this move working its magic on the inner thighs no matter how in shape you are!
Plie Squats – This squat works the legs and butt and improves your flexibility!
Inner Thigh Lifts – Get ready for shorts and swimsuits with this thigh thinning exercise!
In addition to helping to trim your butt and thighs, strengthening the inner and outer thighs helps to stabilize the knee and prevent injury or soreness. these are just 3 of my favorite inner thigh exercises, give them a try and let me know what you think!

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