Benefits of Your Workout

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It’s officially spring but the summer weather has seemingly moved in, which is awesome and a little unsettling. All week I kept talking about how I thought we should do a family bike ride over the weekend. We’d hit the greenways in the sunshine and have fun while enjoying the weather and getting some exercise. However, yesterday, when I told Chris to take his new bike out on his own, he was confused. He set out and I went to the gym to use the boring elliptical machine and made Nik do some laps. I didn’t skip the family bike ride because I didn’t want to go, I ¬†skipped it because I knew that Chris needed to go out and really hit the pavement. He’s been so busy that he just hasn’t had the time to workout. It was more important for me and I think to him, to get in some think time and really feel great about his workout.

Why am I telling you this story? I’m using it as an example for knowing and anticipating what people really need out of their workout. This is something that I do instinctively after years as a trainer. A little family bike ride instead of watching a movie is almost always a great thing. But sometimes, everyone going out on their own and really pushing themselves is really what they need. Chris did 11 miles in 40 minutes on the bike, Nik did a few hundred meters in the pool and I was able to do 25 minutes of cardio for the first time in a few weeks. I’m even a bit sore today – feels great to be back! :)

Working out isn’t always about the calorie burn but instead about the mental and emotional benefits that exercise and working out can provide as well.



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