The Magic of Uncluttering!

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It sounds strange but we hardly ever live in a place for more than a year which means we never have to worry about uncluttering and deep cleaning. Silly, but true. We have officially been in this house for 18 months and I literally can’t stand any of the drawers, closets, garage, etc. Nothing is where it’s suppose to be and why is there so much stuff?! Slowly we’ve started to attack rooms and once again put things in their homes and organize and clean everything. The pile of donation stuff is growing! It always amazes me how satisfying and calming life seems after taking the time to put everything in it’s place.

I’ve always had a habit of physically organizing something whenever my head was cluttered because it just makes everything seem more manageable.

Once again, after a kitchen revamp (I’m amazed!) and some simple cleaning (allergens have been killing me!) the place is looking and feeling better! After cleaning last night – I even slept through the night without waking up, coincidence?!

At the end of the day, I know things will get crazy again this week and I won’t be able to find anything and there will be dog hair tumbleweeds rolling down the hallway (Roomba is broken, again!!) and we’ll go yet another year without being the Container Store dream house but I try to focus on the joy and pride that we LIVE in every square inch of our home and love it.





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