Time to Build a Strong Back!

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Do you do exercises for the upper and lower back? So many people struggle with back pain and so much of it is preventable with proper exercises and stretching. Everyone is always so busy working the abs that they rarely pay equal attention to the back. However, they should be treated equal because they each control a side of the body and have to work together so you want them both to be strong! Here are some exercises that will get you started in strengthening the back. And did I mention that proper posture will also make you look taller and thinner?!

Best Back Exercises: 

Reverse Crunch – The reverse crunch, or cobra, works to strengthen and stretch the upper back muscles.

Deadlift – Lower back pain plagues most people at some point in their lives. Doing this exercise to strengthen the lower back can save you lots of pain and pills in the future.

Bent over rows – A great way to work the back muscles, this move can be done by anyone at any level with any size weight – so no excuses!


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