Functional Fitness

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You guys know that I’m all about being efficient and I’m always trying to get too much in to each day. There’s been a couple of times this spring that I’ve been able to jog to the store and run and errand while getting in a quick workout and it’s been great. We took it to the next level on Friday though and I’m really proud of it. We had 2 hours to workout, go to the bank, post office AND we really wanted to go to the studio and put a final coat of paint on the white cyc. So we decided to ride our bikes to the bank and post office and then right over to the studio, painted and rode home all in 2 hours! We got in a 10 mile bike ride and got all of the errands/tasks done – WIN!! Plus, there was the added bonus of saving gas money!

Since it was such a success, we are going to try to do things like this more often this summer. It is really hot already and I’m sure that will deter us on some days but overall, I love that its an option and we aren’t bound to the gym to get in a workout. If we could all do a bit more functional fitness, then we might all be a bit healthier (and think of the money and pollution we’d save!)

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