Hot Fitness Gadgets!

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Most people think gadgets have to be expensive techy things – but the truth is that a fitness gadget can be anything that makes your fitness life better! I’ve got things that will help you stay safe, organized, motivated and maybe even give you super hero powers!

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Visibility Bands– $13
You might not want to invest in reflective clothing or vests so these inexpensive reflective bands can be worn on your wrists or ankles and are great for keeping you safe if you end up exercising after dark.

Water Bottle – $20
If you’ve ever lost your ID or keys at the gym or even in your own house – this water bottle will keep all of your stuff concealed and collected!

SpiBelt – $20
Fanny packs have long been out of style and it’s too bad because they were so functional! The spibelt allows you to carry a few items on you and condenses when its empty. It also doesn’t bounce when you run!

Under Water Headphones – $99
This is my new favorite must-have! Music has become a requirement for us when we workout – but if you swim, you’ve been missing out. These headphones are amazing! Put an ipod shuffle in there and you’ve got your workout playlist as you swim!

FitBit  – $99
This is a techie gadget that is easy to use! It tracks how many steps you take, how many calories you burn, your sleep patterns and gives you the data so you can work toward your weight loss and fitness goals. Plus if you do have an inner nerd and a smartphone, you can get apps that work with the Fit Bit to make it even more robust!

SuperHero Socks – $10
Whether you are needing a push for your workout or for a big business meeting – these superhero socks are fun and inspirational! They are also a very fun gift idea!


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