Fitness Gadget Review: H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones

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This is my new favorite workout must-have! Music has become a requirement for us when we workout – but if you swim, you’ve been missing out. These headphones are amazing!

How does it work:
Turn on the shuffle, place it inside and close the house. Make sure it is closed tightly and then you have full functionality – skipping songs, volume – of the shuffle.

The headphones are $99 and an iPod shuffle goes inside and it’s sold separately for $50.

The headphones sound great and the earbuds come in lots of sizes so you can find ones that will fit your ear and stay in! I love that you can change the volume and skip a song. I like that it fits on the goggles. We’ve tried several brands of these and for the price, this is the winner.

I can’t really think of anything I don’t like. Make sure you put the earbuds in before you get water in your ears. It helps to keep them from slipping out.

Overall, I love these and they make my swims much more manageable. You can find them at .


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