Fall in to Fitness!

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The leaves are changing, is your workout routine?

One of my favorite things about the changing of the seasons is that you get to change up your fitness routine to enjoy each one. So now is the time to get outside and love it before winter hits and we are stuck in the gym!!

Fall Fitness Tips:

1) The hot humid weather has passed and in its place is awesome temperatures and cool breezes. This is the perfect opportunity to get outside and soak up some sun and mother nature before winter hits! So do it! Go outside and enjoy the perfect weather for excercise!

2) When exercising in fall weather, you want to make sure you are planning accordingly. Dress in layers so you can pile on or peel off as the temperature changes or you end up in the shade. Plus, the days are getting shorter so the sun will go down sooner so make sure you are visible as well as comfortable.  This may even be the time to invest in some visibility bands like the ones at amphipod.com.  Super lightweight and reflective they are perfect when you get caught in the dark mid run or bike.

3) It may have been too hot to go outside this summer but there are no excuses now! Enjoy a couple months of biking, hiking, an outside bootcamp or even start training for a turkey trot!

There are several reasons your fitness routine should be changing, just as the seasons do so get ready to go outside!

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