From Lounging to these Lunge Exercises!

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Time to work off the holiday lounging with these lunge exercises. Spring will be here before you know it – it’s time to start working on the lower body.

In this Fit Life, we are going to highlight some super fun and effective lunges that will work to tone your legs and butt! It is easy to sit around all winter and eat but the truth is – spring is just around the corner so start preparing now for shorts season!

  • Superstar lunge – This lunge works the legs, the butt and the arms all at once!
  • Plie squat – This squat works the legs and butt and improves your flexibility!
  • Woodchop – This is one of my favorite full body dumbbell exercises – the woodchop!

These are just 3 of the many lunge and squat variations you can find at

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