Healthy Cooking with Herbs and Spices!

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Did you know that herbs and spices can add flavor to your food while keeping them healthy?  It is so common for people to just dump salt on any dish to give it a boost of flavor but really there are so many other spices that are good for you that will liven up a dish. Some even add healthy benefits to your food!

Chicken – you can use rosemary, lemon and pepper or tomato sauce and oregano – each will give it a completely different flair.

Garlic – not garlic salt is a great way to flavor everything from meats to potatoes and vegetables!

Vegetables – adding a sprinkle of lemon to steamed vegetables is delicious and so good for you!

Other options include adding a dash of chili powder to scrambled eggs, experimenting with spices like cumin and tumeric and you can even add cinnamon to your coffee instead of creamer!

There are tons of options when it comes to spicing up your food and keeping it healthy so start experimenting and taste the benefits. 

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