Which nuts are the best nuts?

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In this Fit Life, we are talking about the healthiest nuts you want to add to your diet. Nuts get a bad rap for being high in calorie but as long as you keep the portion small, like a handful, they are good for you and the perfect afternoon snack! While a bag of raw mixed nuts is really the easiest because you get the benefits of all the nuts in one handful, most mixes add lots of salt, which you want to avoid.

Here are a few of the best nuts to pick:

  • pistachios and almonds are the lowest in calories
  • walnuts and brazil nuts are great for your heart and lowering your cholesterol
  • hazelnuts are a good source of potassium and iron

Remember that a small portion will go a long way and make sure you don’t get a pre-packaged mix with lots of salt, sugar or other flavors.

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