Alkaline Diets – The Next Fad Diet?

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alkalinethumbI’m hearing a lot about alkaline diets lately – so let’s find out what they are!

From the info I’m gathering, alkaline diets are just the latest diet fad. Following one means eating fruits, veggies, soy products, nuts, grains and legumes. It means avoiding or minimizing animal products, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars and flours and processed foods. Basically, the diet means eating mostly vegetarian and avoiding junk foods.

The goal is based on trying to keep the pH level in your stomach where it should be – between 1.3-3.5. The idea that helping your body do that will lead to improved overall health. However, your body is designed to regulate it’s own pH so I don’t really see how the diet can be a factor.

While the alkaline diet isn’t the most inventive or drastic, it does have it’s merit. They have found another way for you to think about trying to eat healthy. If this speaks to you, then great! There isn’t substantial research that eating an alkaline diet will improve your health, other than the already tons of existing research that eating more fruits and vegetables and eliminating junk foods will make you look and feel better.

Hope this helps you understand the alkaline diet and gives you insight on it’s benefits as well as it’s generic claims.


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