Fitness Tips for the New Year!

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New Year's Fitness TipsTalk of the Town segment for getting you ready for 2014. These are just some tips on how to handle food and fitness in the coming months. Only 8% of people stick to those resolutions – let’s make that number higher ths year! This is the year of planning for success with preparation!


New Recipes – try new recipes and make it fun!

Willpower – be strong at the store so you don’t have to be at home

Cook on the Weekend – make it easy to eat healthy throughout the week

Plan for snacks

– use snack bags for portion control: almonds, pretzels and individual yogurts

– make extra dinner and take the leftovers for lunch


Pack your bag so there are no excuses!

Give yourself healthy incentives: new gym bag or clothes, pedicures, massages and wardrobe

Plan social events with your friends: hikes, fun runs, bowling

 Check out the segment: Fitness Tips for the New Year!

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