Mom’s Playground Workout

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nashville fitness expert amy macIt’s always hard to fit in a workout, whether you have kids or not. Here are some exercise moves that I used when traveling this summer and had to squeeze my workouts in at the playground and park.

Swing Squat: They start swinging and you do some nice deep squats while pushing them.

Step Ups: Use any elevated, stable surface to engage the lower body in a some step aerobics.

Elevated Pushups: A great way to work into ‘real’ pushups, these help to strengthen your upper body, while working on your balance and alignment.

Tricep Dips: Working the back of the arms is always difficult but these tricep dips keep your arms fit and firm.

Reverse Crunch: Sit tall on a bench and then keeping your back straight lean back, engage the abs and then bring yourself back to sitting up. This is great to work the abs while keeping an eye on the playground.

Side Lunges: Working the thighs and booty, taking big steps to each side and then scooping yourself back to center will tighten and tone. For added weight and cuddle time, hold your tot directly in front of you as you do these lunges.

Single Leg Lunge: These are a bit more tricky because balance is involved this is move is easily adapted to any indoor or outdoor area. Make sure to squeeze the stomach and booty to keep your balance.

All of these exercise can be done in a 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Safety is always your #1 concern for you and your little one so make sure to take precaution when holding them for an exercise or working with them on the playground.

There are so many ways to be creative and get some exercise when out and about this summer. If you are hanging out at playgrounds, taking your dog to the park or just enjoying the sunshine – there is fitness that can be found if you are willing to look for it!

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