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fitness wearable basis watch reviewI am very excited to have been given the opportunity to review the Basis watch! It is the first of its kind to offer so many features and all without a bulky chest strap! Its function is to track your heart rate, steps taken each day, calorie burn and track your stages of sleep. I wore the Basis for 3 weeks to do this trial. I also had a guy test the Basis for 3 weeks and we will be posting his review soon as well.

First impressions
The app and webpage are very easy to use and definitely provide some good insight as to my patterns and my metrics. Like everyone, I think I overestimate how many steps I take everyday and the how many calories I’m burning. I have to fit in a workout or be on the production set for my steps to reach the goal. It was eye-opening that just running errands, hitting the grocery store and playing with my toddler wasn’t enough in my day. On the other side, the Basis said that I slept a whole lot better than I think I do so that was intriguing.

Basis Watch Review

I personally love the way the Basis watch looks. I think it’s a sleek and simple design and really would fit into anyone’s wardrobe. I tested out the watch with the black strap.

I did not find the watch comfortable and I think it is because I’m petite. It just seemed so large and cumbersome on my wrist. It was a real struggle to wear it to bed. I have this problem with most wearables and I don’t think this is a problem on their behalf, there is just no way to get all of the functions in something half the size.


basis activity details fitness reviewSteps: I think the Steps were very accurate even though some days it seemed that I would never reach those 10,000 steps!

Heart Rate: I struggled a bit with the heart rate being accurate. I felt that it would underestimate my heart rate when working out, especially when out for walks or hiking.

Sleep: I believe that this was accurate. I also made one of the Habits to go to bed at a consistent time every night and so I really tried to strive for this each night. It was the one last thing I could accomplish before bed!

Activities: I did not find that the Basis accurately assigned my activities. If I was jogging, it said walking, if I was biking, it did not calculate anything more than an elevated heart rate. I found this disappointing but only in the fact that I felt it was missing some calorie burn and I usually missed my step goal on biking days.

Ease of Use:
The Basis is very easy to use and track your daily progress. I had a few issues with it connecting over Bluetooth to sync. The battery life was usually 3 days which I think is pretty good. The thing I didn’t like about the charging was that I either did it over night or during the work day and then got dinged on my Habits for not wearing it consistently or skipping a night. I think maybe charging it every morning while you are showering and getting ready for work might be the way to go to avoid missing any data or Habit points.

Price Point: 
The Basis currently sells for $149 at and also on Amazon. I think this is a great price point for this device, especially if you are looking to make a change toward a healthier lifestyle.

I think that this watch is fantastic for being the first of its kind to enter the space. It offers several data points and seems mostly accurate. I focused on the steps, sleep and then glanced at the calories burned each day. I liked the idea of creating Habits because I know how important that element is to being healthy and fit. However, I had to log into the app or site to track those and I could’ve really used some push notifications to keep me on track. Maybe a push at 10:30 pm that I want to be in bed by 11:30… or maybe that would be really annoying!

basis sleep activity fitness reviewThe design, the app, charging all of these features work great and are easy to use which is excellent! Setup was simple and even when we were passing it to the next user, it wasn’t a hassle. I didn’t love wearing the watch but all wearables are too big for me so if you are average size, this shouldn’t be a problem. I did find that I had to wear the Basis a little bit tighter than I like in order for all the sensors to do their thing. This makes sense but wearing it 24/7 started to bug me. I do love the fact that there isn’t a chest strap so you don’t have to remember to grab it or struggle with the tightness during a workout.

Thank you for Basis for letting us test the watch for this review.

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