Swine Flu and Martha Stewart’s Life Calendar

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medical screeningsJust when it seems that we got ourselves out of flu season, the swine flu appears out of nowhere.  This raises awareness and concern for our health and this is a good time to think about other illnesses and precautions we should be taking.  We know that the flu shot will not protect you from the swine flu but is still a good idea and next season, the shot will probably help to curb some strains involved in the swine flu.  The best way to prevent the flu is to keep washing your hands and limit unnecessary human contact.

Right now every news and talk show is talking health and Martha Stewart is no different.  However, I did like that way she presented a ‘Life Calendar’ that provides a suggestion of tests and screenings that you should schedule throughout your life.  It covers the basics: eye exams, dental exams, pap and mammograms, but also the less thought of vitamin D, colonoscopy and blood lipids.  Take a look at this calendar, print it out and put it somewhere or even set your scheduling program to remind you when each exam or screening should be scheduled.

<<Click Here for the Martha Stewart Life Calendar>>

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