There has to be a better name than “Year End Highlights”

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It’s 2009 and I feel that a ‘Rest of 2008’ recap just wouldn’t do the year justice, but with the fact that I didn’t have time to blog when the events happened, I guess a recap is my best bet and then maybe someday, I’ll do the full story on each item.

Big Events Not Blogged About:

Vegas/ Hawaii Vacation – It was awesome.  We started in Vegas for the NME, saw some friends, spent an evening at Tao and started to unwind before Hawaii.  Friends got married in Hawaii and then we ziplined, surfed, boogie boarded and enjoyed the sunshine!  A wonderful 2 weeks!

Knee Injury -1 week post 1/2 marathon, training was halted due to both knees with severe tendinitis.  So many doctors appointments and then physical therapy – everyone was great and they did all they could to prepare me for the marathon without causing permanent issues.

Marathon – Had a wonderful trip to Portland, OR with Chris and Pam and we all ran the marathon in the rain.  Can’t explain the feelings of anxiety, power, confidence, fear and joy that all took turns in that 4 hours and 59 minutes.

‘Year of the Marathon’ Outcome -  We set a goal in a bowling alley in early 2008 to run a marathon in the next 12 months.  A life goal for both Chris and I, and also a true challenge of ‘can I do anything that I put my mind to?’  Pam, although not a first time marathoner, agreed to run alongside and Joe decided that he did not want to be apart of this challenge.  (He later ran the 1/2 marathon with us and will be running his 1st marathon in February – just in time to meet our 12 month deadline!)

I learned that I can conquer anything and at the same time, realized that there is a point when ‘mind over matter’ isn’t the smartest way to go.  I can say that now that it’s been over 3 months since the run and I can’t bend my knees, let alone workout.

I also established the fact that I am not a runner.  I didn’t get addicted to running, my body hated me and I’m ok with never running another marathon.  I did find out that I love having a challenge with a deadline so once I’m back in action, I’m going to find other short distance races and competitions that I can train for.

Election – Yep.  I’m happy and ready for change.

Big Move -  After much deliberating, Chris and I decided to move back to our home in Tennessee.  As much as we loved our jobs and friends in SF, we were just so tired and worn out.  Working 24/7 really took a toll on our health.  We felt that the best thing for ourselves was to get back home, slow down a bit and work on having a life outside of the office.   We had a wonderful send off with nearly everyone we ever knew in SF and will always look forward to visiting those friends.  We moved home over the holidays and are loving every minute – even though the house is still a disaster!

Injury Rehabilitation -  As much as I wanted to run that marathon, I’m so bummed to still be out of the gym.  Yes, I’ve lost some muscle and put on some fat, but the biggest downside for me is feeling so blah.  I de-stress, focus and find my strength in the gym, not to mention all the problem-solving I can do during cardio!  I just don’t feel like myself without working out.  I think the recovery time has been more mentally difficult for me than the actual training!

We are looking forward to a great 2009 and wish all of you the same!

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