Organic Foods to Buy

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Grocery shopping is tricky these days.  There are so many things you have to remember, in addition to reading every nutrition label out there to know what you are really eating.  Organic food is a growing business and for good reason – people don’t want to eat foods that are doused in chemicals.

I’ve done several posts about Organic Food Benefits and also debating the cost of organic foods, Cost of Organic Foods, Worth It?, which also address where you should best allocate your organic budget.

Fit Sugar posted this cute little quick guide to knowing which organic food to buy and which conventional foods are low pesticide and therefore fine to eat. Check out the article, print out the card and use it as a reminder when you are grocery shopping. If you are a seafood eater, pay attention to their buyer’s guide to selecting seafood as well!

FitSugar full story & Organic Food Cheat Sheet

Seafood Pocket Watch

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