Cost Of Organic Food, Worth It?

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Squeezing a DollarWe are all cracking down on our budgets and eliminating extra costs, trying to cut out anything that we don’t need -so are organic foods a necessity?  What a tough question. Your health and safety are among your type priorities but at what financial burden?  I’ve always been told that if you have to pick and choose what foods to go organic, follow these rules:

1 – If it has a think skin, you don’t have to buy organic…avocados, bananas, oranges.

2 – If you eat the skin, you should buy organic…potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries.  (Coffee is included in this category.)

3 – Milk and meat should be organic because there could have been hormones and/or antibiotics used on the animal.

4 – Any food that you eat an abundance of… if you have an apple a day, then go organic to reduce overall amount of ingested pesticides.

Every article, blog, column and person has a different idea of what your organic priorities should be.   Each time I read about this topic, I become more educated and confused.  Who to believe, trust and what are the consequences?

What are your rules and requirements?

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