Stability Ball Exercises for Women

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What are the best stability ball exercises for women? (insert snobby laugh) “well ALL of them my dear”.  Seriously though stability ball exercises are one of my favorite kinds of exercises for women and men alike.  The stability ball just has so many uses because you can stretch, add weight or just use your body weight and you are sure to get a great work out.  Actually in about a month is going to post over 150 stability ball exercises so make sure to come back soon and check out the largest collection of stability balls on the internet…

As not to leave you hanging though, here are a couple stability ball exercises for women.

Stability Ball Bench Press

Start by sitting on the ball with the dumbbells resting on your thighs. Stability Ball Exercise - Bicep Curl 1
Roll down the ball so that you make a bridge and your butt is supporting the weight in your upper back. Squeeze your stomach and make sure that you are straight and not dipping towards the ground. Stability Ball Exercise - Bench Press 2
Push your dumbbells towards the sky. Remember to keep squeezing your stomach and butt. Keep the dummbells at the chest – think just below the boobs. stability ball exercise - bench press 3
Bring the dumbbells back to the starting position. Don’t forget to breathe! stability ball exercise - bench press 4

Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions and try to have enough weight that you can barely finish your third set.

This exercise is a great stability ball exercise for women because it not only works out your arms, but forces you to engage your butt and abs (which can often times be trouble areas for weight gain).

Stability Ball Push Up

Start with your hands fanned out to the side. Stability Ball Push Up 1
Place both hands on the ball.  Keep your back straight and head up (eyes looking straight in front of you). Stability Ball Push Up 2
Slowly lower yourself down to the ball.  Squeeze your stomach and your butt. Stability Ball Push Up 3
Come back up to your starting position.
Stability Ball Push Up 2

Shoot for 10-15, making sure to keep the stomach and butt squeezed so you keep that straight line. Don’t forget to breathe! These pushups are just another great stability ball exercise for women to engage your core while building upper body strength.  This is A LOT HARDER than it looks.  The ball is constantly trying to roll around so you have to use your entire body to stabilize the ball while doing the push up.

Here are some more Stability Ball Exercises for Women Videos

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