Why Do You Cough After Exercise?

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The Scenario:

You just finished a long hard run and you have this tickle in your throat. You especially notice it when it’s cold outside. So what is this issue? Is “runner’s cough”? Is it something more?
Why do you cough after exercise?
Runner’s Cough is the umbrella term for coughing after you exercise but really, there are many variables and factors that can cause that cough. If the coughing doesn’t last too long then it’s likely to be a matter of thirst and/or dehydration, which can lead to your lungs and throat being dry and irritated – this can bring on a cough. You might be inhaling allergens like pollen, grass, pollution when you’re outside and mold or dust on when you’re inside. These (and about a million other things) can cause a cough because you are taking such deep breaths and really “using” the oxygen. When it’s cold outside, the cold, dry air can be difficult to take in and is likely to cause irritation when you are in the middle of an intense cardio workout. Breathing through a scarf can help!
You could have Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). Exercise induced asthma isn’t just gasping for air, it can be demonstrated in other ways such as prolonged coughing or shortness of breath. You might find that you have a tightness in your chest and cough just a little bit for even a day after your tough workout.

Next Steps:
The best thing to do is take note of exactly how you feel, when you feel symptoms and then take them to your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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