Fight Holiday Weight Gain Tip #1

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There are so many parties and events to attend that it’s hard to keep with your regular gym and food plan.

Here is one of my favorite ways to fight holiday weight gain OR any other diet sabotaging pitch-ins, parties, cookouts, etc…

Take a dish that is healthy!

This means that you will have something to eat AND most likely, everyone else will be glad to have a healthy option. (I’ve never brought home leftover fruit salad!)

It doesn’t have to be something that takes hours to prepare, you can throw together a quick salad, take a veggie tray, a fruit salad for dessert or even a simple broth-based soup! Making sure there is something healthy that you can eat, helps to give you control in these situations. Yes, of course you can sample a couple of other dishes, but make sure to make a loop around the table before filling your plate. You want to use those calories on the best dishes only! :)


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