How To Stretch: Short, Simple Stretches You Can Do Anywhere!

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How to Stretch!  These are 4 short, simple stretches that you can do after a warm up or workout. No need for equipment or the gym to increase your flexibility, get that blood pumping and feel great!

1 ) This video shows you the Chest and Back stretch.  This will help to keep the flexibility needed to have proper posture and prevent neck, back or shoulder pain.  Although I recommend that you stretch after your muscles are warm, this is a great afternoon stretch to help you take a deep breath and refocus.

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2) This video is the Quad stretch.  It focuses on the front of the thighs but also requires the abs to kick in and help you balance.  If you can’t balance, then lightly hold onto something and if you can’t reach your foot, then put it on a chair or stool until you can reach it!  This is great after a tough lower body workout.

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3) This video is focused on the lower body, in particular, the hip flexors.  This is another stretch that is popular among runners and cyclists, but also great after a long day of sitting.

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