Harbinger Weight Lifting Gloves Review

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Why wear weight lifting gloves?

I’ll never forget the first time I wore a pair of weight-lifting gloves. It turned my fitness world upside down! I had no idea that you could avoid the calluses and ripped up palms by using a pair of $15 gloves! I use to worry that I looked like I was trying to be all hardcore with my gloves and little dumbbells but I just don’t think that’s the case. I’ve been asked numerous times about the gloves and where to get them – they are always a hit! (They also make great stocking stuffers!) They are washable, protect your hands from the wear and tear of lifting, plus, they give you a layer between you and germs! When Harbinger asked me to try out their Pro-Gloves, I was pumped!

I’ve been wearing the Pro-Gloves from Harbinger for the last couple of weeks and I can’t say there is anything I dislike about them. I’ve used Harbinger gloves for years and these don’t disappoint!

My favorite features:

  • Comfortable
    • Love the ½ finger design
  • Cushion
    • Good cushion to protect the palms but not so much that gripping is difficult.
  • Adjustable wrist strap
    • Makes it easy to get them on and off.
    • Helps encourage proper wrist positioning while lifting.

I also love the black and pink design. I’m not a girlie girl but I do love the splash of feminism (especially in the month of October*) and they remind me of a baseball glove I had once and loved!

Take the plunge and get yourself a pair of inexpensive yet durable (mine usually last 2 years!) gloves and keep those hands soft and feminine!

Harbinger Women’s Pro Gloves

Stay tuned for a glove giveaway from Harbinger!


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a time when women around the world unite wearing the color pink in support of breast cancer survivors and as a symbol of hope for a cure.

Along with awareness and early detection, the Susan G. Komen Foundation says that regular exercise plays a positive role in prevention and treatment of breast cancer while the National Cancer Institute states, “exercising four or more hours a week may decrease hormone levels and help lower breast cancer risk.” Both organizations estimate that exercise lowers the risk of breast cancer by about 20%.*


I was given a pair of Harbinger Pro-Gloves for review but was not compensated for this review or post.



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