Beat the Winter Blahs with Exercise Motivation!

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beat the winter blahsHeaded out of January and into February, the weather is still cold and gloomy and the days still aren’t quite long enough.  When all you want to do is watch tv, how do you motivate yourself to workout?

Here are 6 ideas to boost your motivation and your workout!

1) Group Ex Classes
Taking a group exercise class will help to mix up your routine, make some friends and set a time and place for you to exercise.  This adds variety and accountability to your exercise plan.

2) New Playlist
Sometimes you just have to dance/ jam / rock out!  Switch up your playlist with new music or old music that you haven’t paid attention to lately.  This will increase your mood and make you want to exercise longer just so you can hear the next song.

3) Workout Buddy
Working out with a friend adds socializing and accountability to exercise.  Just make sure to pick someone who won’t flake on you – you should always be thinking “I can’t cancel on them.”  Also, if you are competitive, start a workout regimen or commitment with a friend and see who wins! Nik and I are doing this (P90X Challenge) and I spend so much time thinking about how I don’t want to lose, that I hardly think about all the exercising I have to do!

4) Summer Goal
Yes, you aren’t thinking swimsuit season yet, but you will!  Jump start your workout by setting either an event, wardrobe or size goal for yourself a few months from now.  Maybe this is the spring that you do a 5K or maybe you just booked your summer vacation! Remember to keep small realistic fitness goals in the short term so you can succeed!

5) Shiny New Object
It might be a bit materialistic but new things excite us.  A new workout outfit, bag or pair of shoes just might help to motivate you to get into the gym and show them off!

6) Embrace the Season
Your usual hiking/ swimming/ kayaking activities have taken a back burner due to weather but that doesn’t give you the excuse to sit around!  Embrace the season with activities that are fun, yet require more layers – think ice skating, skiing or tobogganing.

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