Heard about Hungry Girl?

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hungry girl I’ve heard about Hungry Girl and I like the concept. I’ve seen her cookbooks but haven’t tried anything out of them. I was intrigued with a recipe she made the other day on TV and it was for guacamole but with peas and yogurt to make it healthier.

Have you tried it?

I think I might give it a try sometime. I did take a look at her cookbooks the other day and although I like the idea of making everyday food healthier, I don’t really eat most of the things she had in the books.  I did think the dessert section looked awesome though!  Also, another plus was the fact that everything looked possible to make and not intimidating at all!  AND there were several great recipes of dishes to take to parties or pitch-ins.

Which of her cookbooks do you prefer and what is your favorite Hungry Girl dish?


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