My Workout Kicked Butt Today!

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I have been playing with a heart rate monitor and trying to maximize my cardio workouts.  Today I decided to do a little warm up and then do 2 minute intervals alternating walking and running.  The goal was to do this 20 times.  I have been working on my cardio endurance but I am bored easily and am not a runner.  I thought this would give my heart a good workout and really allow me to compete with myself.  This workout rocked!  I felt so good the whole time.  I was jamming to Liz Phair on the ipod and really feeling “Extraordinary” and powerful.  I covered a total of 56 blocks, yes, they may be small but still I counted them!  Total workout time was 50 minutes, my heart rate was at the optimal rate during every run and the timer on the watch/monitor worked great.  If you are looking to mix it up – I give this a thumbs up and its versatile so you can do it in the gym or outside.  Get to it!

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