Done With Diet Soda (or at least trying)

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I’ve talked a couple times about how I ended up hooked on caffeinated diet soda by accident.  I’ve done shows about how terrible soda and diet soda are for our health and yet, when the afternoon slump hits or I’m out to eat -  I drink a diet soda!  I don’t even like the taste of it!  (OK, if we are being honest here, I do kind of like the taste when its mixed with Jack Daniels – but I only drink on occasion.)  The most recent story was sent to me from a friend out of the New York Times.  It brings to light even more risks that are associated with drinking diet soda.  So after weeks of saying that I’m going to cut back and then not,  I really am going to be done with this stuff on a daily basis.  I will drink hot tea for the caffeine when needed and I think the increase in water will be even better for me.   I’m sure this will help with the marathon efforts as well.  Done and Done.

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