Fitness Attack Book Launch – February 29th!

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Christmas 2008After more than 400 Fitness Attack episodes, the first 100 are available in print! The Fitness Attack book will be available through the Amazon link on on Leap Day, 2/29! It has been almost 2 years since the launch of Amy Mac and my health and fitness podcasts. Not only have we succeeded in providing great content (for free!) consistently for that duration but we have been featured in numerous publications and have episodes distributed to multiple TV and mobile platforms. I am asking everyone to buy the book on 2/29 in an attempt to ‘rush the charts’ and turn some heads in the bookselling world. Not only are you supporting me, but you are supporting those of us who have persevered in new media and proved that great content can be user-generated.

Remember, you have an extra day this year (leap day) – use it to make yourself health and fit.

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