Control Your Candy Cravings

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halloween candyAlmost all of the holidays are accompanied by decorated cookies, cupcakes and candy, but the entire purpose of Halloween is sugar-laden goodness.  How are you suppose to be healthy and fit when everywhere you look there are piles of tiny versions of your favorite candies?  And the sizes are so tiny that you think, “Oh, I can have a couple and it won’t hurt a thing!”  Then, 8 miniatures later, you’ve consumed so much sugar that your head is pounding and you can’t sit still or think straight.  Want to avoid this scenario?

My theory has always been that if I’m going to eat junk food, it has to be worth it.  I don’t want candy corn or a store-bought iced cookie.  I want something that I will enjoy eating and not even feel guilty after the fact.  But! I will also savor that 1 brownie, cookie, candy treat and not reach for a second because that would just be greedy and lessen the enjoyment of the first.

I hate that sometimes I get tricked because they pull all the candy out into the open, decorate it and make it seem like such a ‘limited time’ offer.  I can get peanut butter cups any day of the year, but put them in the middle of the store and its so much more appealing. Pure trickery.

Keep reminding yourself that candy is always around and there is no reason to indulge.

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