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… only 6 days until the book release!



If you can’t make it a day without hitting up your favorite coffeehouse, then you need this information!

Did you know that a bran-cranberry-apple muffin and a large white mocha with whip will set you back as much as $7 and nearly 1100 calories?  (Remember that 3500 calories is equal to one pound.)  Not only are you likely to gain weight with these high-calorie treats, but you could be spending that money on fresh produce at the market and stretching your budget a lot further.

If you really feel the need to order something, try to be conscientious of what you’re getting.  Consider buying a tall café latte with expresso and nonfat steamed milk for around 120 calories.  If you’re just looking for a caffeine boost, try a large coffee at 5 calories and add a zero calorie sweetener.

What about that muffin you ordered?  For around 100 calories, you could substitute it with a plain biscotti.  Better yet, select the pre-packaged nuts by the register; they’re low in calories and will leave you feeling fuller for longer.


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