Working Out Tips – How can I stay motivated to work out?

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Working out tips are useless unless you put them in to action and get to the gym.  That being said, unless you are a extreme hardcore, getting your butt to the gym routinely is hard for just about every single person.  Everyone has their reasons for working out.  Whatever your reason here is a short list of working out tips that will keep you motivated enough to make it to the gym.

Working Out Tip #1 – Pictures

Everyone hates on magazines cause they are photoshopped to death and completely unrealistic.  Unfortunately, we all judge people almost completely, at first, by their appearance.  With this in mind, you should cut out a picture of exactly what you want to look like and put it some place as a reminder of what you are aiming for.  Don’t just say “I want to be thinner” because you won’t EVER be thin enough.  Find a picture of someone who has the body you want, cut it out, put it somewhere you will see it everyday. (NOTE: Don’t get caught making out with the picture cause that is very awkward for both parties.)

Working Out Tip #2 – Set Small Goals

It is almost always easier to concentrate on getting over a small hurdle on the path to success than trying to work on your final goal (which may be a year from now!).  Use small goals to accomplish your big/final objective.  For example, it would be unwise to say you are going to lose 20 lbs. and then weigh yourself every day hoping to see dramatic weight loss.  After 5 days you are going to be so upset you will probably quit all together.  Instead, make a small goal like losing 1 lb. a week with a final objective 20 weeks down the road.  You will probably lose weight more quickly than a small objective and still feel motivated weeks down the road.

Working Out Tip #3 – Get Your Jam On

I have one playlist on my ipod that is my “workout playlist”.  I know those songs forward and back because I only listen to them when I am at the gym.  I think we have all seen the people at the gym with their ipod blaring and just destroying the gym equipment pump PumP PUMP PUMP!!!!  At first they look ridiculous, but then there is a little part inside that wishes we had that drive and motivation to power through an intense lifting set.

Here is today’s goal:

  1. Make a workout playlist (Rocky theme song optional, but recommended)
  2. Add to your ipod
  3. Make everyone jealous at the gym because you look and feel like you are in your own 80’s montage as you lift to your favorite jams

So there are 3 working out tips and motivators to stop exercising your ‘nacho to mouth’ muscles and start getting some real action where it counts.

I am ready to change my workout playlist so please let me know your favorite work out music in the comments. (No Justin Bieber please.)

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