Easy Sun Dried Tomato Hummus Recipe!

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When you think of Italy and the Mediterranean, you think of healthy, happy people feasting on fish, vegetables, wine, olive oil and delicious bread. Those food choices have been adapted as part of the Mediterranean Diet but it’s more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. One that includes exercise! Enjoying some of these foods and their heart healthy properties can be easy if you just have the right ingredients. Mooney Farms sent me several samples of their sun dried tomato products and I’ve been using them in easy, healthy recipes like bruschetta and now, hummus!

We made this sun dried tomato hummus as an appetizer and it was tasty! It was easy, had heart health ingredients- tomatoes and olive oils, and was a crowd-pleaser!

You only need a few ingredients and a few minutes to make this appetizer! No cooking skills needed! :)

Check out the recipe:  Sun Dried Tomato Hummus Recipe as well as their other products and recipes!

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