Do You Grocery Shop Daily or Weekly?

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supermarket-1.jpg If you are like me, you are short on time and always looking to save a few dollars. One of the biggest complaints about eating healthy is that it costs too much. Whether you are at the grocery or out to eat, the good for you foods are never the best bargain – unless, of course, you figure in the amount you’ll spend in medication and medical bills down the road. For those of you who have beat the system…

Do you shop daily or weekly?

Is your decision based on time or money?

Does one of these options save you money?

I use to try to shop weekly but I would always have to go out to pick something else up. Now, I live entirely too close to a market so I generally pick up enough food for a meal. I use to think that this was giving me fresher options, but I’m just not sure this is true. We’ve recently taken a liking to a different market which isn’t as close so I think we will be back to the weekly trip. This thought was brought on by a Men’s Health article which supplied a grocery list and a meal list for a week. Its cost was only $50 and sounded healthy and yummy.

Men’s Health Article Link – Shop Once, Eat for a Week

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I guess I’m in search of Lifehacking my grocery store trips, in both time and money.

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