Does your body need to detox and cleanse?

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There are a lot of detox diets out there that claim to rid your body of toxins and supposedly will help you lose weight and inches quickly.  So, is any of this true?

My initial response is that if you’re eating a healthy diet regularly, there shouldn’t be a need to take any such drastic measures to feel better.  The liver and kidneys are designed to naturally detox your system.  As long as these organs are functioning properly, there shouldn’t be a reason to follow a detox diet.

Experts, however, are divided on this subject.  Current research tends toward those whom say detoxing isn’t necessary and some studies actually indicate that such practices could be harmful.  By drinking water, eating vegetables, and getting enough fiber on a regular basis, you should be able to keep your system in proper working order.

The other side, however, says that our diets are full of more processed foods than ever before and so our bodies may need some extra help in order to get rid of all of this junk.  Rationally, this argument makes sense.  This leaves us with a lot of information, but no definite answer.

However, I still side with caution and say that when you detox, you get rid of the good things in your body too and it’s just not worth the hassle to lose a few pounds. Besides, you’ll be so grumpy that no one will want to be with you no matter how good you look!
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