Step On the Scale for Weightloss

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I have been on and off diets for years.  If we are all truthful, I think it is safe to say we ALL have been on and off diets ever since we left our teens.  We have heard everything from slow carb diets, low fat diets, Atkins to “we’ll feed you so you don’t have to think diets” like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem.  Do they work?  Yes, IF you do exactly what you are supposed to (i.e. actually stay on the diet and hate your life).  Although I would like to tell you the secret for finding the “right” diet and staying on it, I propose a different idea.  Get a scale.

Most everyone has that cheapo scale that they bought from Walgreens in their bathroom gathering dust.  You look at it each morning and think about how dirty it is and  about that one time that you used it and the result just pissed you off.  So now it just lies there waiting for it’s time to rise again.  That time is today.  Let me tell you why….

Did you know most people avoid the scale when trying to lose weight?  Actually a lot of experts say a better indicator of weight loss progress is how your clothes fit.  This may make you FEEL good, but how do you know what you are achieving if you can’t systematically track your progress?  Several studies have shown that people who weighed themselves at least once per week lost more weight (between 3 and 6 pounds in three months) and kept it off longer than people who didn’t use the scale.  Whether the scale just kept them accountable or made them more aware of what they were putting in their mouth wasn’t completely clear, but the results were strong.  If you use a scale and actually keep track of your weight you can AND WILL see better results whether you are following a strict diet OR just trying to watch what you eat to lose some weight.

On a personal note I have seen amazing weight loss by weighing myself daily.  Although many people believe this can hinder your progress I LOVE getting up to see I lost a pound and then think about that every time I want to order a hamburger and fries, i.e. “Do I want to gain that pound back or keep losing weight?”.

Get a scale.  Actually use it WEEKLY (or daily if you are hardcore).  It works.

Need a scale? Try this one: EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Backlit 3.5″ Display and “Step-On” Technology

Are you a victim of Scale Stress Disorder?!

Have you had success with using scales to lose weight? Have a picture of your dirty unused scale you want to share?  Give up the dirtiness in the comments.

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