New Year’s Resolutions 2012… Yep, I made them too.

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Starting a new year can be exciting and overwhelming. You make so many big new year’s resolutions that you don’t even know where to start. I’m not usually in to New Year’s Resolutions but more into setting goals for the year and little milestones to help me achieve them. This year, however, we are ready for an overhaul! Food, finances, priorities, stress, sleep, time… you name it and it’s on our list this year!

However, I’m so motivated and anxious to start anew but I really don’t know where to start so I thought we’d start with one day at a time, working up to those big goals. Instead of saying, “Hey, It’s January 1st, let’s eat healthy, finally pick up Yoga, clean and organize the whole house, enjoy each other’s company, not spend any money and then get a great night’s sleep…”, try the plan below to help you tackle one thing at a time. Now you’ll have to come up with new thing’s every day and some might be the same, but the idea is to FOCUS. That is the one thing I struggle with because I’m spread so thin and want to do so much that it’s nearly impossible to focus on any of it. So this is my first week of 2012 plan, feel free to copy it or make your own!

Day 1: Unclutter

Starting off with a sure fire win! January 1 is the day we take down the Christmas decorations and put them away. Even though this doesn’t make all of my closets clean, the house will feel clean and tidy without all of the pine needles floating about.

Day 2: Sleep

I’ve found that I wake up earlier when I don’t have an alarm set. Now I know this won’t work for everyone but I’m going to continue trying to get to bed before midnight and then not set an alarm and be up and awake after 7.5 hours.

Day 3: Work Out

Of course I’m going to be working out on the other days, but this is the day that I’m going to FOCUS on it and create our plan for the month. This means that I can make sure we are making the most of our workout time, every time.

Day 4: Eat Healthy

We are thinking about a food overhaul. Maybe it’s the comfort and junk food we enjoyed over the holidays, maybe it’s too many food industry documentaries on Netflix, but we are ready for a change. We are already drinking green smoothies to add more veggies to our diets and now we are focusing on some meatless meals. Tonight, my popular favorite, black bean and tofu tacos!

Day 5: Save $1

Coffee shops, lunches on the go, all of these are dollars that don’t really need to be spent. Today I’m going to FOCUS on how much money is spent at the grocery store, gas pump, online purchases, bills paid and other food and out of the house costs. I would rather save for vacation and NICE restaurants than let the money slip away on mediocre meals and expenses.

Day 6: Special Project

We are hosting a company party at the house on this day so while I wanted the goal to be Relax because it’s the weekend, I’m instead going to divide and conquer. We’ve got lots of tasks that need to be done and I’m going to plan, delegate and execute to make sure everything runs smoothly. It is a goal to host the party AND enjoy it.

Day 7: Relax

This is going to be my Relax day! I’m sure there will be clean up from the party and prepping for the week ahead but I’m going to try to squeeze in something relaxing today. I think putting a book on my Kindle and reading for an afternoon sounds awesome (and challenging because I’ll feel like I should be working or doing something else productive). Believe it or not, this will be my most difficult day because my head won’t let me forget everything that is on tomorrow’s to-do list.

Now this is just my first week’s plan. My plan’s never actually go how they should so I’m sure by next week this will be laughable but I’ve got to start somewhere with goals and FOCUS. There are things that didn’t make this week’s list and I debated doubling them up. I’d like to have some family time, friend time, me time and then take the dogs to the dog park, sew cute aprons for the party and advance my business… but that would be setting myself up for repeating the stress of 2011 and at least for one week, I’m going to fight that insanity.

Did you make New Year’s Resolutions? If so, put them in the comments. If not, put Why Not in the comments!


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