Beat the Belly Bulge

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ab workoutNow that the holidays are over, you might have noticed a bit of a belly bulge.  However, you should know that doing hundreds of crunches everyday is NOT the way to make it go away.

Very Important! Ab muscles are just like any other muscle on your body, they need recovery time.

Now, you should also remember that it isn’t just the muscles that play into the belly bulge but what is going on inside your stomach.  Junk food, not enough fiber or water, food intolerances and more can all be guilty in making you look pudgy.  Here are a couple of ways to look leaner today and a simple ab workout that will help to get you in shape for spring.

Whittle Your Waist Today:

  • Drink some sassy water, part of Prevention’s Flat Belly Diet, which aids digestion and soothes the GI tract.
  • Eat clean, or at least cleaner.  Getting rid of processed foods, even for a week, will help ease bloating and give you more energy.
  • Cut out all carbonated beverages – these make you gassy, which makes you puffy.

Simple Ab Workout:
Do 25 of each every other day.
Leg Lowers
Side to side twist

Read more in my Nashville Examiner article: Tips to tone your abs

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