Travel Fitness: Ab Exercise

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Everyone wants to have a travel workout plan.  It can be so difficult to achieve ‘travel fitness’. You’re in a hotel with no equipment, what kind of exercises can you do?  I’ve made a full 12 exercise Hotel Workout series that will be available in Amy Mac’s Fit System this summer.

This ab exercise is going to tone your tummy as your whole body works to balance, strengthen and work your belly! In & Outs can be done on the floor, ottoman, bed or any other flat surface.  This means that you don’t need any equipment and your hotel room is the perfect place to do this travel ab exercise! Traveling doesn’t mean you have to let your health suffer, just a few minutes can make a difference so always remember that something is better than nothing!

Trainer Tips:

  • Squeeze butt and stomach for balance!
  • Only lean back as far as you can, while keeping control over the move!
  • Keep your shoulders back and upper body straight!
  • Breathe!

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