Prevent IT Band Injuries

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IT band injuries are a familiar occurrence to athletes and are especially common to runners.  But, what exactly is the IT band and how do you prevent an injury to it?

The IT band is a shortened form of iliotibial band, and is the connective tissue that runs along the outer side of the thigh beginning at the hip and extending all the way to the knee.  Its primary job is to stabilize the knee in conjunction with the other muscles of the thigh.  If any of your hip or leg muscles are tight, then you are a likely candidate for an IT band injury.

Pain on the outer side of the knee is the most commonly associated complaint.  Making sure to stretch properly after warming-up or working out will lower the possibility of an injury.  Be sure to keep your shoes in good condition and, whenever possible, run on flat, even surfaces.  You can also help keep your IT band in good condition by using a foam roller to work out any kinks.


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