Barefoot Walking

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The first book sneak peek tip is Barefoot Walking… only 91 days until the book release!


One topic in fitness that always sparks debate is shoes, and whether they are helping or hurting us.  Shoes have become a standard mostly because there is a lot of junk on the street that we don’t want to walk through in our bare feet.  And, even off the street, there are those pesky rocks and twigs and who knows what else just waiting to inflict pain on the soles of our feet.

Shoes, however, inhibit the movement of our feet and therefore affect the way we walk and our alignment.  Think about it for a minute: how many times have you worn a pair of shoes that have hurt your feet or made you walk funny?

Through the research I’ve done on running and shin splints, one of the most common recommendations is to walk barefoot as often as possible.  Doing this is suppose to strengthen the muscles in the legs, ankles, and feet, and therefore make it less painful to run.

I’m not planning on giving up my shoes anytime soon, but I’m walking around the house barefoot more often and I’m also trying the nearly barefoot, Vibram FiveFingers, shoes.


Fitness Attack #2, the book, is going to be released on Halloween 2010!  That’s right, 10/31/10! It will feature 101 easy tips to help you live a healthy and fit life! 91 of those tips will be released right here, starting today and going through the launch date. The last 10 tips are EXCLUSIVE to the book so if you want them, you’ll have to buy the book! We are also working on lots of bonus material to overload the book! More info on ordering and content to come – stay tuned!

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