Best Drinks for Your Body!

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beveragesthumbIf you are looking for the best drinks for your body – I’ve got your list right here!

Enhanced Performance – Coffee
When it comes to getting a bit more out of a workout or your day, coffee really is the best drink. It gives you a little caffeine boost and will enhance your performance. Just be sure to keep the coffee in it’s true form and not a high sugar beverage.

Best Recovery – Chocolate Milk
Studies have shown that chocolate milk after a workout is the best recovery drink! It is also the cheapest and way tastier than the typical muscle recovery drinks!

Hydration – Coconut Water (over a Powerade)
Coconut water has been very trendy in the last couple of years and there is proof that it can help your body rehydrate faster than water or a sports drink. However, make sure to consume it in moderation because it does have calories that can pack a punch!

Best Overall – Water, not vitamin enhanced!
Well, it might be disappointing to hear but plain old water is still the best beverage for your body!

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