Beat Mindless Eating at Social Events!

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buffet-tableParty, BBQ, buffet, wedding, meet and greets… We all have social events to attend but don’t let them make you fat!  Weddings, holidays, birthdays…we associate all of these things with eating and drinking and therefore allow ourselves to indulge or get carried away and then have to deal with the guilt and the calories after the fact.  With some planning and some skepticism (I never trust someone to feed me!) you can make sure that you don’t go hungry or go overboard in social situations.

1 – Scope out your options
Don’t fill your plate before you know exactly what you want to eat. You don’t want to get to the end and then realize that you filled up with your ‘2nd choices’.
I always do a drive by so I know exactly how much plate space to allocate to everything.

2 – Don’t go hungry!
This lowers your inhibitions and you will overeat and eat the wrong things when you finally are served that dinner plate.
How long does it take the happy couple to do pictures after the ceremony?

3 – Anticipate hunger…you know it will happen!
I always have a granola bar in my purse in case of hunger or food choices that are frightening!
Years ago, before sushi was cool, I went to a wedding with a sushi bar reception and the food wasn’t labeled…like I was just going to grab any raw item and eat it?!  For the love…

4 – Be a positive food pusher!
If the event is a potluck, then jackpot!  This is your opportunity to make something that you can eat guilt-free and encourage others to enjoy healthier choices as well.  This is a twofer because you know exactly what you are consuming AND other people will probably love it.
I have never taken home leftover fruit salad,  EVER!

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