Working Out Tips to Beat the Winter Blahs

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I got a glimpse of spring this weekend and it was fantastic! We walked in the sun, had breakfast on our porch and even cleaned the garage – we fully appreciated the warmth and sunshine! But today, it is once again wintery, gloomy, cold and rainy. So how do you keep the motivation to go back into the gym when you can barely get out of bed?

Here are my 3 Beat the Winter Blahs Working Out Tips:

1) Embrace the Weather.
Although I prefer the warmer months, I do enjoy a couple of cold weather activities like ice skating and sledding. We even signed up for a 5K that includes a hockey ticket so we can keep with our fitness goals and enjoy the winter season. I’ve already noticed that days are getting longer so this is a good sign that spring is just around the corner!

2) Eat healthy comfort foods.
I love a summer salad but I also love chili and warm soups. I’ve perfected only a few dishes but these are staples in our house and it just feels good to have them match the season and your mood without breaking your diet. I keep these foods as my seasonal go to foods so that I feel satisfied at the end of a meal.

3) Sleep Well.
Getting plenty of sleep to prevent the flu, keep yourself energized and feel rested is important. Did you know that people that sleep less have a higher chance of being overweight? There IS a correlation! I always sleep more in the winter and then feel bad about it but when the days are short and my energy is low, it really is best to get a good full night’s sleep.

When you do all of these things, you will have the energy and the motivation to get back into the gym or your workout routine and start feeling good again. Now, I will admit that I’ve always suffered from S.A.D. and even sit under full spectrum lights at times to help keep me up and running. The days have flown by so far this winter but I’m definitely feeling the pull to stay in bed where it’s nice and warm. I have a new workout partner this year and for the most part, we are having great success at being in the gym every weekday morning and even occasionally on the weekend.

Last year, it seems like I had more energy because my Beat the Winter Blahs post was full of high energy things. So whether you are feeling energetic or struggling a bit, check out these working out tips and let me know what works for you!

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