Recommit to New Year’s Resolutions

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Three months into 2010…

How are you feeling?
How are you doing with those New Year’s Resolutions?
When did the fire burn out?

I thought I was just fighting the winter blues/cabin fever, but it seems that there is something in the air. Nearly everyone I’ve talked to in the last 2 weeks has been frustrated, unproductive and worn out.  It never seems to be just 1 thing but a compilation of things that is wearing you down. You guys are unmotivated and just exhausted with work, life and the daily grind. The biggest frustration of all, it seems, is that you WANT to be kicking ass in all areas of your life – you just can’t get the wheels of productivity in motion.

Motivation can be hard to find when you’re bored, lonely, cold, lazy or just plain exhausted but it’s almost April and it’s time for ALL of us to snap out of it.

Let’s recommit to our New Year’s Resolutions – right now!

1) Save the above image.

2) Print it, scan it, copy it, photoshop it, whatever you need to do to fill it out and post it somewhere nearby.

3) Look at it daily and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

4) Send it to a friend, post it on Facebook (your own or my fan page), your website, email it to me – [email protected] – any or all of these and ask for people to help keep you accountable!

We need to do something to get ourselves motivated, so take the 2 minutes to fill this out and let’s help motivate each other to accomplish our goals!

Happy Re-New Year Everybody!

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