Canned Soups

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Today’s book sneak peek tip is Canned Soups… only 89 days until the book release!


Whenever it’s cold and gloomy outside, a bowl of warm soup or chili always sounds good to me.  This often leads me to the pantry for a canned favorite.  But, you need to be careful when buying canned soups.

Many canned soups contain more sodium than you would ever put in a similar, homemade version.  If I’m using the canned soup as part of a recipe, I always select the low sodium type.  When it comes to just eating the soup itself, however, the low sodium versions tend to be a bit bland.

My recommendation is to take the time to examine the labels (and, of course, be sure to check the calorie count as well).  Check out the site below for information on how to pick a healthy soup as well as a list of the healthiest ones out there.  Take a look and pick a good one.

Ultimately, you’ll either need to make your own soups at home or be conscientious about the canned soups you buy.

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