Favorite Free Weight Exercises for Women’s Butts

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When thinking about my favorite free weight exercises for women’s butts, I have to struggle to limit my selections! I love working the booty so that it’s firm and sculpted and so many free weight exercises for women are great for these things! Most of these butt exercises work the legs too so that means you are getting more bang for your buck! The butt is one of the most targeted trouble zones (2nd only to abs!) so I hope you find new favorites among my selections!

Amy Mac’s Favorite Free Weight Exercises for Women’s Butts:


Step-by-Step Instruction

Squat Jumps 


This squat will strengthen the booty and get the heart pumping at the same time! 

• Feet wide, weight in the heels, stick the booty back and squat.

• Jump up and land soft.

Side Lunges I love doing the move and I love including it in a training session because no matter how in shape you are – you will feel this move working its magic on the inner thighs! 

• Start standing tall, feet together holding a weight at your waist.

• Take a BIG step to the right with your right leg, bend the knee and bring the weight down to the right foot, keeping the upper body tall. Using the leg muscles, not momentum, bring the right leg into the center and repeat with the left side.

• Make sure the knee doesn’t come over the toe and don’t forget to breathe! When you’ve mastered this move, you can check out the side lunge with an added press!

Plie Squats 

This squat works the legs and butt and improves your flexibility! 

• Feet wide, toes out. Squat and then squeeze the legs and butt as you come back up.

• Squeeze the stomach keep the upper body tall.

Whale Tail This is the whale tail. Don’t be fooled by the name, this is a small exercise but comes with big results. Add a little lift in your butt with these leg pulses. Notice your lower back gets a little bit of movement but not enough to make it ache. 

• Start kneeling next to the ball.

• Roll out onto the ball until your hips are on the ball. Keep the feet a couple inches apart and squeeze the butt to lift the legs.

• Bring the legs back down. Work to keep the lower back from arching too much. Squeeze the stomach!

• Lift the legs again and then lower.

Working the booty is so important, not only for appearance reasons, but for health reasons too! The lower body does so much to keep the back, hips, knees and feet healthy. When you do these lower body free weight exercises for women, you are working to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. The glutes, of course, make your jeans look great but they also have a lot to do with the lower back and hips strong and flexible. The hamstrings, quads and calves all work to protect the knees. Finally, strong calves help to prevent shin splints and keep the feet aligned to protect your back!

I hope you enjoy my favorite free weight exercises for women’s butts and if you think I’ve missed some, leave them in the comments!

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