Australia’s Stand Against Airbrushing Models

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celebrity photoshop before and afterfrom Fit Sugar: Australian Government to Media: Step Away From Photoshop

In a self-proclaimed first, the Australian government is backing a new series of initiatives to promote healthy body image. The initiatives — which take aim at Australia’s youth population — include a voluntary code of conduct, which will earn fashion and media outlets a “body image friendly” stamp of approval if they choose to comply. Under the new code, models would have hipscelebs wouldn’t be flawless, and a size two or higher would be the norm on a runway… <full story>

I’ve been a part of the professional fitness world for 6 years and video production for 4. I have a loose no-photoshop rule on myself because I think it’s important to be ‘real’. However, I do allow color correcting so my skin tone is pleasant. I think photoshopping in moderation is acceptable. Sure, take away some blemishes and fly-away hairs (you can’t cancel a shoot because you have a pimple and sometimes the wind carries your hair away) – but keep the integrity of the picture. There is no reason for arms, waists and hips to be reduced. If you couldn’t fix it with makeup (I could get a spray tan), you shouldn’t fix it in edit!

What do you think?

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